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Top 5 Social Science Jobs

A social science major includes anthropology, history, psychology and political science. Learn about the top social science jobs here.

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Product Marketing Manager: Job Description and Salary

In the realm of marketing, product marketing managers occupy a pivotal role in spreading the word about new products. Within their purview are tasks like performing market analysis, identifying target market segments, developing advertising and pricing strategies and creating the overall branding for a product to boost sales.

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What Do CEOs Do?

If you asked any CEO what they do every day, they might tell you it would be easier to list what they don’t do. Learn more about the job duties of a CEO and how to land a C-level role here.

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Operations Research Analyst: Job Description and Salary

Operations research analysts work in financial, technical, defense and insurance industries helping companies and organizations solve problems through mathematics and data analysis.

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Highest Paid Jobs in the World [Infographic]

Many factors contribute to how much you love your job, and salary is probably the most obvious one. After all, it’s why we work. Some of us work for more money, some of us for less – which raises the question: who gets paid the most?

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What Is Interdisciplinary Studies?

Educational goals aren’t one-size-fits-all, and that’s why interdisciplinary studies is so important. It’s a highly customizable Bachelor of Arts degree designed so that students tailor their studies based on interests and career goals.

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